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All Halal products that we sell are certified Halal

What does this mean to you?

In the labelling, packaging or advertising of a food, the Food and Drug Regulations prohibit the use of the word “halal” or any letters of the Arabic alphabet, or any other word, expression, depiction, sign, symbol, mark, device or other representation that indicates or that is likely to create an impression that the food is halal, unless the name of the person or body that has certified the food as halal is indicated on the label, package, or in the advertisement for that food [B.01.050, FDR].

The name of the certifying body or person is required where the claim is being made, whether that is on the label or the package or in the advertisement. Having the name of the certifying body or person on one of these elements does not preclude it from being required to appear on the other elements when a halal claim is made.

Acronyms and some company logos may not be easily recognizable to all consumers. Therefore, the complete name of the person or body that certified the food as halal must be present.

Like all claims, halal claims must be truthful and not misleading.

Halal claims on food are voluntary. However, if a halal claim is made on a product label, packaging or in advertising, then it must follow the regulatory requirements. The CFIA will take compliance and enforcement actions if the requirements are not met.