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Why Choose Our Meat and Produce?

Quality Meat & Foods select our products carefully. To guarantee high-quality meat and produce, we only source from federally and provincially approved manufacturers. 90 percent of our products are sourced locally and are traceable to ensure healthy dining.

We provide a variety of meat for any requirements your organization may need:

  • Halal
  • Non-halal
  • Plant-based
  • Special cuts

To retain the freshness and quality of our products, we have security and temperature control in place for 24 hours every day.

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    Grade AA Price will change weekly due to shortage  

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  • Sale!


    Quality: Grade A

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  • CHICKEN LIVER (5kg) box X 3

    Brand: Maple Lodge

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  • IQF BROCCOLE FLORETS 20-40mm Frozen (2kg x 6) = 12kg

    IQF Broccoli Florets 20-400 mm Frozen (2kg x 2) = 4kg

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